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Welcome, Current and Aspiring Partners!

Providing priority junk removal and demolition services to property managers, retirement homes, builders, remodelers, realty firms, dumpster rental companies and more. 

Think we Could be a Good Fit to Help Maintain or Grow your Business?

We hope to be! If your company has recurring or long-term junk removal or demolition needs, we'd love to be your go-to team. A world where we're 1 easy call or text away, and your needs are met ASAP, at a service level and price you can trust. Quickly and easily keep your properties organized, your job sites turning over, or your dumpsters full with Junk Pullers.

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Retainer Inquiries

Both cost-effective and value-adding for our partners with adequate volume. Our team in your toolbelt 24/7 for both regularly scheduled pickups and maintenance, or quick turnaround property cleanouts and pickups. Set it up once, and never have to pay mind to it again. 

One Retainer Client's Story

A retirement community partner of ours calls us out 6,7,8, 10 times/month for bulk item pickup and disposal to maintain their facility. Paying per pickup, they were paying an average ticket of about $250 based on project size. We now go over once a week regularly, picking up EVERYTHING they can fit into their loading dock over the week's time. And they're not even paying that bottom-end $1500. They're getting ALL the bulk junk they produce picked up weekly at a fraction of the price. 

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